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Juniper Flamehair

Juniper is a Kender's kender. She is fearless, talkative, outgoing, finds things lying everywhere (people really should be more careful with their things), and she has a way of getting into places that she isn't wanted. With all of that aside, she is a valuable member of the team and selfless friend. What she lacks in strength she makes up for in dexterity. Shortly after the wanderlust that is inherent to Kender struck, she set off down the path and landed in Solace.

Galdar Ehrling

Galdar grew up on tales of brave knights fighting back the Queen of Darkness in the War of the Lance. When he was old enough he spent every moment that he wasn't helping with chores training with a retired soldier that settled in Solace after the war named Caramon. One day soon he plans to leaves home and look for someone to sponsor him into the Knights of Solamnia. He lives his life by the oath of the Knights, my honor is my life.

Ruby Drumwarden

Ruby lost both of her parents in the War of the Lance. Her father died with his boots on fighting the Draconians and her mother was captured and enslaved. Ruby hid and watched as her mom was transported out of town in a caged cart. When the clerics of Mishakal came through to help those who remained they took Ruby in. The clerics raised her into adulthood and made sure she was educated and trained. She recently left to find a way to do her own good in the world and landed in Solace on her way to Haven.


Solarinas lost faith in his people. The reluctance of the Qualinesti to join forces with the other races and the deep held bigotry against the "lesser" races of Krynn left no place for Solarinas among his people. He struck out on his own to do some good in the world. He was not entirely surprised by the hatred of the elves he found in the lands of men, but he was a little surprised how few people would accept his help. When he heard that Caramon and Tika bought the Inn of Last Home he made his way to Solace to ask the advice of the heroes himself.

Jasper Greenblood

Jasper used to be a spoiled brat. His father held a position of leadership in the city of Haven and they lived an exceptionally comfortable life. All of that changed when the Haven fell prey to the Seekers around the start of the War of the Lance. His family lost everything when the Draconian armies invaded. He found himself homeless, poor, and without the power to push around merchants, and he had to learn how to survive in this harsh new world. He is extremely well educated and more than a little ashamed of his entitled youth.