The Journal of Deeds

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October the 1st in the year 355 AC.

In the town of Solace at sunset the group with the power to rewrite history came together in one place. They remain unaware of this fate, but not for long. Galdar Ehrling is a Solace native and he is practicing with his sword as the rest make their way to Solace. Juniper Flamehair driven by the wanderlust and curiosity of the kender arrives with hope that she can find out more about Uncle Tasslehoff here. Solarinas, child of the Qualinesti, spends his first day in self-exile and makes his way to the human town nearest his homeland that he is sure will be safe for an elf. Ruby Drumwarden sets out on a quest to do Mishakal's work. The goddess sent her on a mission to Haven, and she stopped in Solace to rest at sunset. Jasper Greenblood stops over in Solace to hide out after fleeing from his family's enemies in Haven again.

Jasper takes an arrow when he stumbles too close to a goblin raiding party. Galdar hears the commotion and comes to his aid. The pair flush out the goblins and cause dozens of goblins to come screaming from the trees charging toward Solace. Villagers attack from the treetops, and the group comes together to help the town fight off the invaders. Ruby frightens the goblins into retreating. Solarinas spots something amiss and finds a small group of draconians leading the goblins. They have a map of the region, which he steals before disappearing into the forest.

The town celebrates the victory, although that celebration can not last for long with what I see growing on the horizon.

-Astinus the Chronicler